Document management

Setting up contracts and getting that signature takes a lot of follow-up and a big pile of paperwork. In times where everything happens digital, this should be done properly. Setting up a contract using our platform is fast and easy and everyone can sign and look into the contract at all times. Use your own contract templates and create a contract which then can be signed digitally. Contracts are automatically stored in a digital archive which can also store other documents.

Financial management

Monitoring rent is perhaps the most important, but often also the most time-consuming task and one that you quickly risk losing track of. No more Excel files that you will fill up month after month. With our platform you don’t have to worry anymore and you become the boss of your own income and time! You decide how to manage your finance. Wether it’s fully automated using Codabox, semi-automated using excel of csv files your bank offers you or just want to follow up manually. We can do it all! This way collecting rent isn’t a puzzle anymore and you and your tenant know when something is left unpaid!

Communication with your tenants

In these modern times your tenants try to create support tickets using various technologies and applications. Impossible for you as a landlord to follow-up on all of them and fixing them on time. By centralising these you have an overview again and they get fixed much faster. Centralisation is done using our smartphone app in which your tenants can create new tickets. You can also start the contract indexation and can sent notification about open payments if needed.