Drawing up, signing and following up contracts is a time-consuming task that is not a favorite activity for anyone. We thought it was time to digitize this manual process a bit. After all, we are hyper-connected and available non-stop these days.

With Juumo we make it easy to fill in your contracts using your own templates. We will guide you through the creation of these templates and make sure that as soon as you click on the button you can download the contract or even digitally sign it!


How do these templates work? A question that we often get… As a landlord, you undoubtedly have one or even several contracts with which you have been familiar for years. We make sure that the contract is ready to be loaded into our system. We place all variable fields and make sure that everything you enter in our system is displayed.

However, you can’t just provide this for your contracts. Through our solution we also make it possible to export documents. That one letter you have to write so often, a reminder, a declaration document to the city, etc. whatever you want to export in document format, it’s all possible!

Digital archive

Many people today have a full box of important documents or have the documents linked to their property scattered around. Juumo stands for digitization, so we replace that box with a digital archive. You can just load all your plans, insurance documents, certificates, etc. into our platform and link them to the right property. This way, you no longer have to wonder where these documents are located, and you are no longer looking for that one document.

We make it even easier for you by linking to Google Drive and Dropbox. This way you can just put the documents in the right folder, have them locally and you can retrieve them via our platform.


We work together with our partner Connective to sign the contract. The go-to solution for the legally valid signing of documents via eID or soon even Itsme! This way, a tenant can view and sign the contract anywhere, anytime, and you don’t have to let your tenants come to the office in the late hours for that one signature…